Young & Railway Development Sold Out

Apologies to anyone who thought they had a little time to contemplate the purchase of these properties. Within a few short weeks of staging one of the homes and listing these properties, they are sold out.

The speed at which these sold even surprised us, especially considering that the winter is normally considered a slow month for home sales. I suppose people recognized that new homes with Urbanlux renowned quality, and steps from the terrific amenities of little Italy, are a rare find, and they needed to move quickly.

The only good news in all this for anyone looking to purchase a quality new urban home at an affordable price, is that we have two other developments in nearby Westboro (here and here) that will be completing in the next several months. These are equally unique properties and are attracting a lot of attention for different reasons.

Thank you all for coming out to see our new homes, and we hope you will stay in touch with us, as we continue striving to build unique new urban homes at affordable prices.

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