New Homes in Little Italy Almost Complete

Installing quality finishes in new home in little Italy

Earlier this week I toured our Young & Railway new homes in little Italy, to visit with Santos and see how things were coming along. Santos and his crew were busy putting the finishing touches on these terrific new homes. They had started installing the gorgeous stainless steel appliances and kitchen cabinets, and are just waiting on the stair case glass separators. Its a feature that we put in most of our new homes, and one that adds that extra level of refinement that people have come to expect from an Urbanlux home.

Next week we should have things pretty much completed, and we hope to have one of the homes staged for showings. I look forward to hearing what people think of the result. We’re pretty excited about it! They are in a great location – one that more people are beginning to appreciate – and they are just the right size with extremely versatile and livable floorplans.

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