Proof that Small Can be Beautiful

Master Bedroom at Tweedsmuir

We debated whether we should invest in staging our remaining new home off Tweedsmuir avenue in Westboro.   After all, we have sold two of the homes before even completing or advertising the project and we’re confident the remaining unit will sell quickly.   So there is no real financial incentive to stage the property, however, we want to prove to people who have had any doubts over the size of these homes, that clever design and intelligent furnishing can result in an incredible home, with no real compromises.   In fact, these homes don’t feel small at all.   Check out the photos that we have included on the property page here.   And then give us a call to see the property for yourself.  I think that you will agree that a smaller, more environmentally friendly and affordable home can also be pretty darn luxurious as well.

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