Outdoor Kitchens

We are constantly exploring ways to make our homes even more livable.  We believe that a home should not just be a roof over your head and should also be more than just a solid long term investment.  Rather it should be a retreat from the daily grind, and support a lifestyle that you have worked hard to achieve.   That is why we design and build modern low maintenance homes within walkable urban neighbourhoods.  It is also why we have been attracted to features like outdoor kitchens.   While they are not appropriate for all homes, where they do work well, they work very well!

I have an outdoor kitchen at my place, and I can tell you it has provided a wonderful entertainment place in the summer, effectively adding to the living space of our home and contributing to a small oasis in our backyard.   We have seen them work very well on backyard decks, and we are a looking at incorporating a summer kitchen in the design of our unique property that we will begin developing within Westboro in the next few months.   The situation of the linked garages presents an excellent entertainment environment, and perfect spot for an outdoor kitchen.   If you would like more information, on this exciting new development, let us know using the contact form on the ‘Contact’ page.

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