New Years Greeting

We are approaching the end of what has been a very exciting year for us at Urbanlux Homes. This past year has witnessed some big changes with our company. We have been joined by a long-time friend and business associate, Ian Robinson, who brings a wealth of strategy and customer-facing experience to the company. We have ramped up our acquisition of new properties, so that you will be seeing much more from us in the new year. We are also about to launch this new website to showcase our properties and provide us with an improved way of connecting on the Internet with our customers and agents.

Finally, to reflect all these exciting new changes, we have “rebranded” ourselves with a new name and logo. Henceforth we will be known as Urbanlux Homes, which we hope better conveys our focus on quality homes that enable more people to enjoy a quality, low maintenance urban lifestyle.

Follow us on social media, or this site, to learn more about our new developments and special offers.

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