Key Considerations when Deciding on an Urban Home

When people are looking to make the move (back) to a more urban lifestyle and community within the city, they often overlook the possibility of a detached, or semi detached home, and instead zero in on the condo market.  Certainly, condominiums can be a fit in some situations, but we believe a freehold urban home that is more grounded and offers a more direct connection to surrounding community can be a better option for most people.

With the many advantages of freehold urban home construction, we wanted to explore some of the reasons why people might overlook this compelling option when considering the move to an urban lifestyle.  In the process we have talked with as many people as we could, to uncover their thoughts (feel free to add your comments below.  We would love to hear from you) and concerns over purchasing a home in the urban core.   Some of the most common considerations so far have been:

  1. Convenient access to Urban Amenities:  A key reason for wishing to move into the urban core, is the ‘urban experience’ that it entails – highly walkable communities, including walking access to arts, entertainment, sports and shopping.   So it should be no surprise that convenient access to these features is a key consideration.
  2. Low maintenance:  As mentioned above, people considering  a move to the urban core are attracted by a lifestyle that promises more ready access to arts and entertainment, as well as walkability to shops and services.  They don’t want to have home maintenance demands interfere with their enjoyments of these exciting features of urban living.
  3. Cost:  While cost is always a consideration in the purchase of a new home, real-estate costs within urban environments are generally higher than in suburbia.  Given many of those considering the move into the city core are either early in their careers, or approaching retirement, these cost considerations an be even more important.

What we have found from our, admittedly unscientific, survey is that in many cases when people had overlooked the possibility of freehold urban living in favour of purchasing a condominium it was due to misconceptions that they had related to these three considerations.  Over the next week, we are going to post some of our thoughts and insights into these misconceptions, as well as some important facts that should be accounted for when considering that exciting move uptown, to a more urban lifestyle.  Stay tuned!

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