Holmwood Property Nearing Completion

We are thrilled to see how the finishes are starting to come together on this incredible property. The truth is, it is impossible to be certain of how a design will turn out when you take it from the drawing board and actually build it. But our experience with Holmwood has not disappointed us. We were pretty pumped when we saw the final drawings that Hamel Design crafted for us, and we can honestly say that the results so far have exceeded out expectations.

From the prominent location a couple of blocks from the canal, to the unique open concept layouts, balconies off the Master bedroom and the premier finishes, the home is everything we hoped for. Even the beautiful grain of the quarried limestone exterior – no faux stone for this property! – has surprised us with how much it adds to the homes appearance.

I was also able to get inside and take some pictures while the workmen were painting. I will try to get those on our site in the next couple of days.

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