Breaking Ground for New Homes in Westboro

For us home builders there is only one thrill greater than breaking ground for new homes, and that is seeing your work completed with all the finishes installed and ready for a customer.   Well, this week we began construction of our new homes in Ottawa’s Westboro community – one of our favourite locations – with the excavating of the basement and foundations.   This in the same month that we completed our property on Holmwood avenue, that only has one unit left for sale.  So it has been a great summer.

We are really looking forward to incorporate the best of what we have learned in this new property, in order to create an exceptional addition to the community and, or course, for it’s future owners.   There will be three distinct homes on this property and we are taking the upmost care not only to create a superb living space, but to minimize our impact on the environment in the process.   We made sure to carefully deconstruct the previous structure on the property so that as much of it as possible could be reused and recycled.  We were able to donate good deal to others that found valuable uses for the material.   We have also engaged an arborist to do our best to ensure that trees on the site survive the construction process.   This isn’t just good for the environment, it also adds value to the property that future owners will benefit from.

Stay tuned for future construction updates


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