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Why We Do What We Do

We love urban living and all it has to offer.  It’s the rich diversity,  energy and community that urban living offers that appeals to us.  It’s also the opportunity to live an active lifestyle and reduce our dependency on cars.  Urban living affords more time for family and the things we would rather be doing … a benefit that we really cherish.

It’s become our mission to make that lifestyle accessible to more people.  To help fulfill our mission we have recently begun to focus more on building our unique brand of distinctive boutique developments for the rental market, in order to make this lifestyle even more accessible.

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Ottawa's Urban Core

Our Communities

Besides our uniquely functional and beautifully crafted homes, what separates us from other developers, is our exclusive focus on the urban core.   You’ve heard it before; it’s all about location, location, location.   This is not just true for determining home value, but more importantly, it also influences one’s quality of life.   We are huge fans of urban living and all it has to offer.  You will find our homes, including our boutique rental properties, in the most sought after communities and neighbourhoods in Ottawa’s urban core.

Some of our Developments

In keeping with our mission of making urban lifestyles more accessible, we are currently focused on developing our distinctive brand of homes as rental properties in the urban core.  A sample of our developments is presented below.

Boutique Rental Properties

How to Get Yourself Into
One of Our Boutique
Rental Properties

Frankly, our properties are a little scarce.   We only build in urban infill locations in select areas of the city.  We’d like to build more, but that would compromise on the distinctive qualities that we look to provide in our homes.  So the best way to secure yourself one of these unique rental properties is to give yourself plenty of time, and contact our property manager as early as possible in your search.  Contact our property manager below.  They will also be able to let you know of new properties that we may be in the process of completing.

For Property or Rental Information

Contact our Property Manager

We work with some of the best service providers in the business.  Management of our properties is provided by Sleepwell Property Managers.   For rental enquiries or specific property questions, please contact Sleepwell and they will be happy to respond at any time.

Sleepwell Property Managers Office:
423 Bronson Ave, Ottawa, ON K1R 6J5 – Map

Contacting Urbanlux Homes

If you wish to get a hold of us directly use the contact form below